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ディズニーランド周辺ホテルの空室検索・宿泊予約 Length of stay Number of guests


Earthquake-Proof Structure

ディズニーランド周辺ホテルの空室検索・宿泊予約 Length of stay Number of guests

Earthquake-Proof Structure of Hotel Emion TOKYO BAY

To safely protect our valued customers at Hotel Emion, our hotel is built to be earthquake-proof.

Hotel Emion's seismic isolation devices (one section)

Earthquake-proof structure: how we approach the risk of earthquakes

Earthquake-Proof Structure

Buildings that are made to be earthquake-proof (seismically isolated) use seismic isolation devices to absorb the vibrations that occur during an earthquake, which helps reduce the seismic energy that is transmitted to the upper parts of the building. This structure is used in consideration of potential damage to the building, and helps to ensure the safety of our guests that are inside.
In contrast to buildings that are designed to be earthquake-resistant, this structure reduces vibrations that occur during large earthquakes from 1/3 to 1/5, which helps reduce damage to the building and to its occupants.

Diagram: the difference between seismically isolated buildings and earthquake-resistant buildings during an actual earthquake

Earthquake-proof (seismically isolated) structures: smoother and smaller degree of vibration


A seismically-isolated building, with the posts and building insulated with seismic isolation devices.
As the impact of seismic motion is absorbed by the seismic isolation devices in the structure, the building avoids violent shaking.
Because of this, the fixtures and furnishing in the building do not topple, and the building itself does not suffer damage.

Earthquake-resistant structures: larger degree of violent vibrations


This is an ordinary structure, built to be earthquake-resistant from the posts to the building itself being firmly affixed to the ground.
As the structure is built to withstand seismic motion through its force of resistance, the vibrations are transmitted as-is to the structure.
This also puts a large burden on the building, which means that the resistance of such a building to earthquakes drops when earthquakes occur in succession.

  • Damage to posts and beams
  • Damage to pipes
  • Damaged and fallen glass
  • Fallen tile from the walls
  • Overturned furniture
  • Deformed door frame

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